Do chipmunks get inside walls and chew wires etc.?

Yes, they can do this, but other species can do it as well. I suspect you are either trying to determine what is chewing on your wires, or you are trying to prevent chipmunks in the walls from chewing wires.

If you don’t know what the critter is, try the identification key at:
Inspection Helps

If you have chipmunks in your walls, you need to exclude them or remove them. Exclusion must be done during a time when there are no young present. If there are young, they will starve, and mother will destroy walls in her attempts to reach them. Trapping also must be conducted with an eye toward protecting the young. You can tell you have young if you cage trap the chipmunk and look for enlarged teats. Risk of young will also be higher during the spring. NEVER seal a hole unless you are certain it is no longer being used. Tips on determining active and inactive holes can be learned at Paper hole technique

Here are some sources of information on trapping and exclusion: