How can we keep Canada geese away from our pond?

Canada geese love grassy areas located near water. These large birds pose problems in residential developments as well as in golf courses and parks. There is no one thing you can do to get rid of these birds. You’ll need to try a variety of tactics.

One of the best long-term tactics is landscape modification. A 20-30 foot wide barrier of shrubs, ornamental grasses, and tall perennials near the water will help keep the geese out of the lawn area close to your house. If you don’t want to add this type of shrub bed to your landscape, let lawn grass around the pond grow tall – 6 inches or more – and cut down on the fertilizer. The geese find grass grown under these conditions less appetizing and will move on to tastier locations. Needless to say, don’t feed the geese.

Harassment is another tactic. Noisemaking devices, Mylar tape streamers, scarecrows, anything that startles the birds will encourage them to choose another location. They will become habituated to any harassment technique you use, so make sure to vary the timing and location every few days. Red lasers are also effective at night to scare the birds away. Hazing works best when done as soon as the birds begin to appear. Frightening the birds before they become attached the location is critical.

Remember, Canada geese and most other birds are federally protected. It is illegal to harm the birds or their eggs but check the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service as regulations regarding egg addling may be loosening.

Permits can be obtained for addling, and in some states, for lethal control through roundups.

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