How do I get rid of an armadillo living under a deck, shed, or home?

There are no successful repellents, toxicants, or fumigants registered for armadillos. The use of insecticides to reduce food sources also has not been proven to stop armadillo digging. A fence slanted outward at a 40° angle, with a portion buried may be a somewhat effective barrier under certain conditions. Although cage-trapping armadillos is very difficult, some people have experienced limited success by using a 10x12x32in (25x 30x80cm) cage or box trap. The bait used by successful trappers is earthworms in a ball of dirt and placed in the toe of an old nylon stocking. Using long 8 inch wide boards as wings to help direct the armadillos to the trap will also help. Image can be seen at
armadillo cage trap.

Trapping is most effective when leaf litter or soil is placed over the trap entrance. Armadillos caught in these traps can be released in an area where you have obtained landowner permission several miles away from your home. Note however, that translocation is not necessarily humane and it may be illegal in your state. Consult state authorities before performing lethal and relocation control on armadillos.
Shooting is another effective method to eliminate nuisance armadillos. However, discharging firearms is illegal in some areas and it also is usually illegal to use artificial lights other than outdoor house lights to aid in shooting at night. Armadillo meat is edible if properly prepared.