How do you control a raccoon digging up pansies? Tulip bulbs?

Chances are, the raccoon is digging up the pansies or tulip bulbs in its search for grubs or other insects as a food source. Spraying the area with an insecticide may help alleviate the problem (you should always carefully read and follow insecticide label instructions). However, raccoons are omnivores, and this particular raccoon may have taken a fancy to bulbs.

Although trapping the raccoon is one option, keep in mind that other raccoons are probably in the area. How can you keep this problem from being a regular occurrence? Consider a layer of metal hardware cloth, probably with 1-inch squares, placed on top of your bulbs, then covered with the level of soil appropriate for your plants and location. If the raccoon finds that the food reward isn’t worth the digging effort, it will go elsewhere.

There are FAQs in eXtension for managing raccoons around the home. Keep in mind that many states require a permit before allowing you to trap wild animals. Check with your state wildlife agency.

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