Squirrels are digging up newly planted crocus, hyacinth, and tulip bulbs. How can I prevent this?

Protecting Plants from Squirrels

Some gardeners have placed wire baskets over a small planting of crocus corms and tulip and hyacinth bulbs, while others have covered larger areas with chicken wire or hardware cloth. Others have given up on this tussle with squirrels and planted daffodils which the squirrels do not eat.

Use Caution

Squirrel damage to corn.

Squirrel digging.

While feeding squirrels may provide relief, it is ill-advised. Deliberately feeding squirrels will only encourage their population to increase, resulting in further pressure on your plants. If all else fails, population reduction can provide yearly relief from squirrel damage. Before initiating lethal control be sure to consult with local and state regulations available at your state’s wildlife agency. Also if trapping is used, be ready to catch skunks. As skunks (Mephitis mephitis) tend to enter traps set for squirrels.


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